keeping a home business afloat when you have debts

Keeping A Home Business Afloat When You Have Debts

Running a business from home can be hard enough at the best of times, but when you also have a lot of debt hanging over you, it can be especially challenging. For a lot of people, it would be enough not to even start such a business, but it’s important to remember that home business can mean a huge range of things. It could just mean working from home in a self-employed manner, and therefore being registered personally as a solo business. Whatever your situation, you can be sure that you will need Read more [...]
five frugal things January 2019

Cheap Wedding Rings | Five Frugal Things for January 2019

In an effort to pay off my debt as quickly as possible, I'm looking beyond simply making extra money. I have been assessing all of my spending habits, adopting a more frugal lifestyle wherever I can. Each month I will be sharing Five Frugal Things that I have done to help improve my finances and ensure I can reach my goal of becoming debt free as soon as possible. One Free flowers. A week or so ago a blogger that I follow posted an Instagram story about some beautiful flowers she had received Read more [...]
The UK Version of the Baby Steps

The UK Version of the Baby Steps

Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover is a book I have spoken about many times before. His debt payment process of using the Baby Steps is an absolute favourite amongst the debt free community and it has helped many people across the world to become financially free. It is however aimed at financial practices and products in America. The tips can therefore be a little hard to navigate if, like me, you are based in the UK. Here is my guide to the UK version of the Baby Steps. Please remember to Read more [...]
debt payment progress report 13 - 250119

Debt Payment Progress Report 13 – 25/01/19

Every two weeks I share my debt payment progress report with you. I post my new debt total and some of my money making efforts. It can be so easy to get caught up in the day to day payments, especially when my total is going down slowly. These reports help me to record my journey and stay motivated as I look back over the progress I've made so far! My new total! As of January 25th 2019 my new debt total is £14,272.74 (My starting debt total was £16,814.29) That means that since I last updated Read more [...]