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My Goals for August 2018

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We are now in August and it is time to set some goals for the new month.his is the bit I get excited about. I love making plans and writing lists. It always gets me motivated to get a move on and take action. Here are my goals for August 2018.

You can read my goals for July 2018 here.

My goals for August 2018:

  • Complete my emergency fund. Last month I set the goal to save £500 for my emergency fund. As of today I have reached £364.11 so I know I can definitely complete it this month! You can read more about my emergency fund here.
  • Put £1000 into debt payments. So again referring to last month I set myself the goal of paying £1000 towards my debt. I was way off on this one as work was slow and I was focusing on my emergency fund. Work looks like it will be picking up in August, so I’m going to keep this goal and see how I do. I’ll adjust next month depending on how I get on!
  • Pay off my Halifax credit card. If goal number two goes well, I will be able to say goodbye to credit card number one for good. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will be updating you with a cut up card and a confetti canon as my first debt disappears!
  • Be more frugal. This one is a little vague at the moment because frugality is not something I have personally explored much. I do however follow a lot of blogs based on frugal living and I have been inspired to make more of an effort myself. Ideally, it will help me to save more money to put towards debt.

So there they are, my goals for August 2018. I’ve kept it simple again with just four. I think the fewer I set, the more focus I can give to each and the greater chance I have of achieving them all!

You can find more of my August goals on my lifestyle blog Sunshine and Rain.

I’m taking part in the  Monthly Goals Linky hosted by Charlotte over at CharlotteMusha.co.uk

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8 thoughts on “My Goals for August 2018

  1. Nicola says:

    Good luck with your goals! Really hope you get to cut up your credit card this month, how exciting!

    1. mydebtdiary says:

      I’m looking forward to it soooooo much Nicola! Thanks for popping over 🙂

  2. Becca says:

    Good luck with your goals this month! I need to start being more frugal myself x

    1. mydebtdiary says:

      We can check in next month and see if we’ve succeeded!

  3. Great idea to have an emergency fund, something I really need to do. You always find the car breaks down or the washing machine goes on the blink when your bank account is zero!

    1. mydebtdiary says:

      Exactly! I’m self employed so there’s even more reason for me to cover myself. I’ll be so glad when it’s complete.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Ooo fab goals! I’m looking forward to being able to pay that sort of number to debt, (I’m hoping that;ll be doable in October)
    I’m the same with frugality, read lots of blogs on it but don’t really ‘practice’ it as much as i probably could.
    Thanks for taking part in the linky!

    1. mydebtdiary says:

      Oh brilliant, are you planning on sharing your debt payment progress at all? I’d love to follow along 🙂

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