My goals for November 2018

My goals for November 2018

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We are now in November and it is time to set some goals for the new month. This is the bit I get excited about. I love making plans and writing lists. It always gets me motivated to get a move on and take action. Here are my goals for November 2018.

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My goals for November 2018:


Boost my side income.

In the past I have been able to make a good amount of money on the side of my usual freelance income, however as work has become busier my side hustle efforts have been slacking. You’ve heard me talk many times before about Prolific Academic surveys, which I still do occasionally but could definitely be earning more from. I also have a pile of Ebay ready items sitting in the spare room that I could have listed very quickly if I could only get round to it. They’ll be going on this month too.

I want to be quite specific with this goal, so I’ve decided to set the bar at £200. This is the minimum amount of “extra” money I want to earn in November and it will all be going straight towards debt.

Begin a sinking fund for next year.

My wedding isn’t something I’ve spoken about too much on the blog but it is coming round quickly and I need to pay attention to it. In May next year we are getting married. The month before I have my hen do and the month after is my honeymoon. A close friend is also getting married the month before us. On top of this it’s my better half’s 30th birthday. That is a lot of potentially expensive events.

The wedding itself is covered and we have saved (almost) in full for our honeymoon, so neither of those are a concern. Everything else however, could potentially cost a small fortune. In order to prepare for all of the expenses and ensure I don’t end up going backwards with my debt payments I’m going to make a plan, set up a budget and start a sinking fund for all of it.

Clear another £500 of my second credit card.

This goal is a repetitive one but it’s also really important to me. I’m working on paying off my last credit card at the moment and I would looooove to clear it by Christmas. This might be a stretch for me, but putting £500 towards it in November will help to clear a large chunk of it.

As I’m trying to make more money this month from side hustles this should ideally come together quite quickly. As the year is disappearing I am feeling more motivated to push harder towards becoming debt free. Hitting another £500 milestone will only help this. Anything else on top is a huge bonus!

Finish saving my tax payment.

Last month I set myself the goal to save half of my tax payment in preparation for the deadline at the end of January 2019. Well I smashed it and want to do the same again this month. Having the full amount ready to go will allow me to complete my tax return long before Christmas and it means I can relax knowing that it is sorted for another year. It also means that if there are any discrepancies or I’ve miss calculated anything I have a further two months to sort it out!



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