how to spread the cost of christmas

How to Spread the Cost of Christmas

Last week I wrote this post on how to plan for a debt free Christmas. I discussed the importance of working out a budget for Christmas in advanced. This allows you to set aside money each month to ensure you spend the festive season debt free. I wanted to follow that post with some tips on how to get organised and spread the cost of Christmas. In particular, spreading the cost of food and gifts. Spread the cost of gifts Gifts are always the largest expense for me, as I imagine they are for most Read more [...]
5 tips for a debt free christmas

5 Tips for a Debt Free Christmas

Every single year Christmas happens on the 25th of December. You're giving me a funny look aren't you...yes Emma I know when Christmas is. Well the crazy thing is that so many of us reach the first of the month and begin to panic about how we will manage to afford it all. With the extended gap between December and January pay days that many of us face the pressure is on! So many people across the UK, and the rest of the world, go into a large amount of debt each year to cover a holiday that should Read more [...]