five frugal things for february 2019

Wedding shoes for under a fiver | Five Frugal Things for February 2019

In an effort to pay off my debt as quickly as possible, I'm looking beyond simply making extra money. I have been assessing all of my spending habits, adopting a more frugal lifestyle wherever I can. Each month I will be sharing Five Frugal Things that I have done to help improve my finances and ensure I can reach my goal of becoming debt free as soon as possible. One Getting a railcard at 28. When I was younger the 16-25 railcard was an absolute staple for me. Whether I was catching the train Read more [...]
keeping a home business afloat when you have debts

Keeping A Home Business Afloat When You Have Debts

Running a business from home can be hard enough at the best of times, but when you also have a lot of debt hanging over you, it can be especially challenging. For a lot of people, it would be enough not to even start such a business, but it’s important to remember that home business can mean a huge range of things. It could just mean working from home in a self-employed manner, and therefore being registered personally as a solo business. Whatever your situation, you can be sure that you will need Read more [...]
Finance Book of the Month - get rich lucky bitch

Finance Book of the Month – Get Rich Lucky Bitch

As I make progress towards becoming debt free, I am making it a priority to educate myself more about money. I want to have a better understanding of handling finances, financial mindsets and many other useful topics. My favourite way of doing this is reading. This is a part of my journey that I'm particularly keen to share with you as I believe you could get a lot of value from it. This month I would like to share Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. Finance book of the month - Get Rich Lucky Bitch Now on first Read more [...]
debt payment progress report 14 - 080219

Debt Payment Progress Report 14 – 08/02/19

Every two weeks I will be sharing my debt payment progress report with you. I'll share my new debt total and some of the things I have done to make this happen. It will help me record my journey and it will also help me to stay motivated! My new total! As of February 8th 2019 my new debt total is £14,160.07 (My starting debt total was £16,814.29) That means that since I last updated you two weeks ago I have paid off £112.67 My new total debt payment to date is now £2654.22, which I have Read more [...]