debt payment progress report 14 - 080219

Debt Payment Progress Report 14 – 08/02/19

All of a sudden we have arrived in a brand new year. It has been almost an entire month since I last did a debt payment progress report. After I got caught up in the festive season I decided to just ride the wave instead of fighting against it. I took a break from writing, but not from my debt journey. Let me catch you up on where I am now! My new total! As of February 8th 2019 my new debt total is £14,160.07 (My starting debt total was £16,814.29) That means that since I last updated you Read more [...]
my goals for february 2019

My Money Goals for February 2019

After losing track of my goals in December and forgetting to set any altogether in January I am so happy to be back and bringing some focus and intention to the coming month. With tax payments and the expense of Christmas long gone it is time to focus on my second credit card and clear it as soon as possible. Here are my goals for February 2019. You can read my goals for December 2018 here. My goals for February 2019: Increase income by £500 per month. Over the winter months my work load always Read more [...]
Why did I add a PayPal Donate button to my blog

Why did I add a PayPal Donate button to my blog?

  If you visit My Debt Diary regularly you may have noticed that a "donate" button has appeared on the blog. Whilst some blogs or websites have them it is not a common site. I certainly don't see many about. As such, I thought it would be sensible to write a post about it. So why did I add a PayPal Donate button to my blog?   Why did I add a PayPal Donate button to my blog? You may be aware that blogging is something many people turn into an income generating activity. Some people Read more [...]
The UK Version of the Baby Steps

The UK Version of the Baby Steps

Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover is a book I have spoken about many times before. His debt payment process of using the Baby Steps is an absolute favourite amongst the debt free community and it has helped many people across the world to become financially free. It is however aimed at financial practices and products in America. The tips can therefore be a little hard to navigate if, like me, you are based in the UK. Here is my guide to the UK version of the Baby Steps. Please remember to Read more [...]